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A unique 360° journey : History, evolution, know-how

On the lands of the Champagne riots, relive the rise of the cooperative movement and the Champagne appelation of the 20th century.

Discover the secrets of winemaking, 35 meters underground, the champagne cellars have evolved during the past three centuries.

Immerse yourself in the vineyards, aquaint yourself with the crafts and the life-cycle of the vine in front of a breathtaking panorama.

The tour includes:
- The House of the oldest champagne winegrowers' cooperative
- The cellars (from the 18th century to nowadays)
- The Museum of Champagne's Work Crafts and the vineyards of Aÿ.
The tour ends with one tasting of 3 cuvees of Champagne Collet.

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Kultamitali - Viinimatkailun palkinnot 2019

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Mariana stori Merkitse gb jouluk. 2018

We had a wonderful experience during the tour! The Scottish guide, was very friendly and explained us in great details about the growing of the grapes, soil, harvesting, etc….. The museum is very interesting!The tour ended with a champagne testing and more interesting explanation of the production! This tour is a must see. I highly recommend!

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Simon Merkitse gb jouluk. 2018

We did a number of tours in the region but felt our time at la Cite du Champagne was something special. Our guide Juliet was very knowledgeable and patient with all our questions as we went through the museum, the view of the vineyards from the museum’s main hall was really beautiful and the personalised tasting at the end, supported by Juliet and her very friendly colleagues, and accompanied by a great conversation with the members of our tour, all contributed to a lovely and memorable afternoo

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Vincent Merkitse fr jouluk. 2018

Il est rare de pouvoir rassembler autant d’histoire sur la Champagne en un seul lieu. Et finalement, on comprend beaucoup mieux au travers de l’histoire, la Champagne, son environnement et son développement présent comme futur. Visite interactive pour tout public!

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32 Rue Jeanson, Ay, France

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  •  - Visit and tasting of 3 cuvees
  •  - Visit and tasting of 3 cuvees
  •  - Visit and tasting of 3 cuvees
  •  - Visit and tasting of 3 cuvees
  •  - Visit and tasting of 3 cuvees
  •  - Visit and tasting of 3 cuvees
  •  - Visit and tasting of 3 cuvees
  •  - Visit and tasting of 3 cuvees

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