Terra Remota
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Terra Remota

Käy Terra Remota

Katalonia Rosendahl
A distant land, inaccessible, "remote", improbable ...
A dream, a region, a land, the hard work of men. This land, our land, your land has finally accepted the vine which now produces the great wines of Emporda. The dream becomes reality as soon as you set foot in the vineyard.
The first sip of organic wine brings you back to your dreams to meet other lands, other challenges, new paths ...
Come and enter another world… Terra Remota

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Cabernet Sauvignon Grenache Noir Syrah chardonnay Valkoinen Grenache Trempranillo

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8,00 € - 150,00 € pulloa kohti

Terra Remota Els Tallats km6 – carretera de Capmany GI 602 17751 – Sant Climent Sescebes , Girona Espanja

Palvelut ja saavutettavuus

Wifi käytettävissä
Free parking
Family business
Panoramic view
Wheelchair access
Families welcome
Romantic place


Empordà Terra Alta

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  • Picnic in the vineyard

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